Delusions - reviews

We're glad we had good reviews of our EP Delusions,
including one by MusikUniverse (in french), and another one
by Capitale du Metal (in french).
Feel free to read it!

It's coming!

Since the last few months, things go on for Eerie.
Critics of our EP Delusions begin to be published,
new songs are in progress, including a 15 minutes project,
and we're preparing to go back on stage.
Stay tuned!

Eerie, now on iTunes

Just days after its release on the Web, Eerie's debut album "Delusions"
is now available on iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to sample tracks, or download it!

Feel free to leave your comments on shopping sites,
on our Facebook page or in our mailbox.

"Delusions" out now!

Our debut album, "Delusions EP", is now available!
You can get it via the band members or on CD Baby

Distribution on other sites such as iTunes, Amazon, Last.fm, etc. will be finished within days.

"Delusions" EP now in the mastering phase

Our EP is currently being mastered at L Nix studio in Tenesse and will be available in october.
More details (artwork, track listing) to come!

First show

We just learned that we will play at the Omnium du rock contest
at the renowned Dagobert. We will play on october 21st.

More details about the show
Eerie finally sees the light of day